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Handling of Test & Calibration

Receipt :

On receipt of sample in the Sample Room, checks are made to ascertain the genuinity of the sample. The acceptability of the sample depends on the following :

  • 1 The details in the Test Request/forwarding letter match with the sample (s) deposited/forwarded and seals, if any, indicated in the forwarding letter/Test Requested tally with the seals on the sample i.e. punch mark or tag with wax seal.
  • 2The seals are intact.
  • 3The quantity/size/weight, etc. are adequate.
  • 4The size, range, capacity, etc of the sample suits the test/calibration facilities available.
  • 5No directive/specific order from the concerned Laboratory Incharge regarding non acceptance of any particular type of sample.
  • 6No sign of any damage/deterioration of the sample that may have occurred during transit.
  • 7Testing fees are to be paid in advance by DD/P.O/Cheque (details as mentioned under "Dealing with Customers")

After acceptance of the sample :

On acceptance of the sample the following actions are taken by the Sample Room :

  • 1 Acknowledgement of receipt of sample(s) is issued to the customer/firm.
  • 2 Probable Date of Completion (PDC) is given.
  • 3 Service Request Format (SRF) is generated which contains the details of the testing and PDC
  • 4 Laboratory takes up the the testing process after receiving test fees.
  • 5 Test Certificates are uploadedin the website of NTH which can be viewed by the customer using the unique code issued on demand.
  • 6 Test Certificates are generally sent under a covering letter addressing the firm/customer and the is sent by Registered Post or to hand over to the representative of the concerned firm against a valid authorisation letter.

Similar procedure are followed in case of Calibration also

Protection of test/calibration items :

Samples received either in Sample Room or Testing Sections are stored with adequate precautions for protecting them from any kind of damage till the samples are taken out for testing.

Disposal of samples/remnants of the sample after completion of Test/Calibration :
  • 1 The remnants of the samples undergone destructive test are generally stored after issuance of TC, either in the laboratory or at an identified place for disposing them off through auction as per Center Government rules.
  • 2 In those cases where taking back of samples/remnants of samples are indicated in the Test Request/forwarding letter, the concerned customer/firm is requested through letter to collect the same within a stipulated period of time on production of a valid authorization letter.
  • 3 The tested samples not collected by the customer or firm within the given time period are also disposed off.
Confidentiality & Security :

The Test Reports are always treated as confidential documents. These reports are issued to the Departments/firms/ customers by registered post. In exceptional cases the reports are handed over to the authorised persons on production of valid authorization letter. No unauthorised person has any access to the report before and after issuance of the TC.