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Research & Development

Research & Development

Unlocking Innovation through Collaborative Research

R&D Services in Test Engineering

With over eight decades of experience in test and evaluation services, the National Test House (NTH) has amassed a wealth of knowledge in multidisciplinary materials and product testing. NTH extends its expertise to Research and Development (R&D) services in the field of test engineering, with a commitment to sharing this invaluable experience for the benefit of industries and trade.

Standards Followed

R&D Services Offered

  • Product Development and Improvement:
    Customers can utilize NTH's state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and infrastructure to develop or enhance their products before or after submitting them for testing.
  • Collaborative Projects:
    Customers may engage NTH to undertake product improvement or modification independently, with NTH scientists leading the development work. This collaborative approach ensures the end result is handed over to the customer as a fully developed project.

Technological Areas

NTH's R&D services span a wide array of technological sectors, including chemical technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, non-destructive testing, rubber, plastics, and textile technology. Our team of scientists and technologists in these areas stands ready to provide R&D support in test engineering, furthering innovation and enhancing product development.


R&D services at NTH operate on a project basis, fostering collaboration with industry and participating institutions. Customers interested in these services should contact the Director of their Regional NTH, and a feasibility report will be prepared in consultation with our team of scientists. This report outlines various project details, including the layout, materials, implementation location, technical specifications, timeframes, performance metrics, and provisions for project cancellation. Notably, no fees are charged for the preparation of the feasibility study report.

Equipment & Manpower

NTH's equipment, machinery, laboratory facilities, and skilled manpower are made available for development projects. Any additional equipment or facilities needed, especially those of lower cost, can be procured by the executing laboratory using NTH funds, subject to approval by the team leader and the Director. Such equipment becomes an asset of the laboratory.

Ensuring transparency and alignment with project objectives

Cost & Price

The cost and pricing structure for R&D projects are determined through agreement between NTH and the customer, ensuring transparency and alignment with project objectives.

Project Execution Principles

During R&D project execution, NTH maintains the following key principles:

  • Performance Evaluation & Monitoring: Stringent performance measurement and monitoring ensure project success.
  • Confidentiality: Data and project details remain strictly confidential throughout the process.
  • Documentation: Thorough documentation is maintained for transparency and accountability.

Closure of The Project

Upon the completion of developmental work, the project is officially closed, and a final report is issued, bearing approval from the Director of the NTH region. This comprehensive report outlines the project, technical specifications, achieved results, and the team leader's insights into project implementation. A copy of the closure report can be provided to the client, and an income and expenditure statement, also approved by the Director, is kept as an official record for examination by the competent authority.