Research & Development Service

Testing, calibration, R&D and Project consultancy

R & D Services on Test Engineering :

NTH, is a premier scientific institution rendering test and evaluation services for the past eight decades and accumulated a wealth of experimental data on test and evaluation of multidisciplinary materials and products. NTH provides research and development service in the field of test engineering to disseminent the wealth of experience gained for the benefit of industry and trade.

The R & D in a test laboratory could be categorized under infrastructure development (test set up), development of jigs and fixtures for testing, preparation of test specimen, automation and optimization of test method.

Introduction :

NTH covers the following technological areas - chemical technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, non-destructive testing, rubber, plastics and textile technology. The scientists and technologists of these labs. shall provide R & D service on test engineering in these areas of technology.

R & D Services :

1. Customer can use NTH facilities (equipment, machinery and infrastructure)for development/ improvement of product before or after submission of the product for testing.

2. Customer may approach NTH to undertake improvement/modification of the product by NTH scientists in which representative of customer will not be involved. NTH will undertake this type of development work as a project and hand over the end result to the customer.

Methodology :

The R & D service in NTH will be provided on a project mode through the collaboration and partnership with the industry/ participating institutions. A customer shall approach Director of Regional NTH for R & D service, which will be examined and a feasibility report in consultation with scientists will be prepared. The feasibility report shall deal with (a) the layout of the project indicating the executing labs. (b) materials/consumables required for the project (c) implementation location (d) transforming customers requirement into technical specification along with verifiable indicators (e) tentative time frame of the project (f) performance measurement and monitoring schedule (g) provision for midway cancellation. No fee will be charged for the preparation of the feasibility study report.

The client shall accept the feasibility report and confirm about suitability of the technical specification. Technical specification once finalised shall not be changed in general. The team leader shall obtain the approval of the project feasibility report along with confirmation of the customer from the Director NTH region and start work on the project.

Equipment & Manpower :

It is necessary that equipment, machinery, laboratory facilities and manpower are required for a development project. Laboratory facilities and equipment available at NTH shall be used. However, small equipment and facilities costing less could be procured by the executing laboratory from NTH fund after obtaining approval of the team leader and the Director. Equipment purchased will be an asset of the laboratory.

Cost & Price : this shall be as per agreement between NTH & Customer.

While executing the R&D project following points are strictly maintained

a. Performance Evaluation & Monitoring

b. Confidentiality

c. Documentation

Closure of The Project :

After completion of the developmental work the project shall be finally closed with the issue of final report duly approved by the Director, NTH region. The final report shall contain in brief - the project, the technical specification, results achieved and the views of team leader in implementation of such project. A copy of the closure report could be given to the client. The summary of Income and Expenditure statement duly approved by the Director, NTH region and a copy of the final report could be kept as official record for examination by the competent authority.