Overview of Our Services

Testing, Calibration, R&D and Project Consultancy

Test and evaluation of materials, products, equipment's, modules, system and sub-system in practically all branches of Science & technology.

Calibration in the field of Electrical and non-electrical measurement against appropriate Reference Standards having traceability to National Standards.

On-site testing and calibration at the premises of the customer.

Test and Certification of Welders under the scheme of Central Authority for Testing and Certification of Welders.

Assist industries in developing indigenous products for export promotion and import substitution besides their quality assurance programme.

Assist BIS in formulation of National Standards.

Assist industries and users' organization with R & D work in Test Engineering.

Assisting National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories [NABL] in accreditation of Testing & Calibration Laboratories in the country.

Provides Training to the Scientists, Technologists and Technicians of various industries, users organizations and professional Institutions in the  areas of technology viz : Chemical, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Non-destructive, Metrology and Calibration, Rubber, plastic and Textile